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Integrating blockchain technology doesn’t mean starting from zero.
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About PlayDapp SDK

PlayDapp SDK lets game developers easily participate in the blockchain-based PlayDapp service ecosystem.

Key Features

PlayDapp SDK will take care of NFT creation, NFT management and marketing

NFT-fy items on blockchain

Easily mint, burn and transfer game created NFTs

NFT item management & Operational tool

NFT and item management and operation tool for blockchain game servicing

NFT Indicators & Data analytics dashboard

Key information dashboard is provided, with data analysis for blockchain game service

Interoperable NFT between games

Game to game interoperability is maximized by co-operational NFT usage

NFT C2C Marketplace integration

Custom developer centric PlayDapp NFT marketplace onboarding, to achieve product-market fit

Ecosystem participation rewards

Special promotion and rewards for PlayDapp’s partner developers

Integrate PlayDapp SDK to your service

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Integrate PlayDapp SDK

With PlayDapp, implement the PlayDapp SDK as partner developers for customized product features.

Earn a percentage on all transactions

Profit with trade fees whenever users trade NFT on the marketplace. As well as ecosystem participation.

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